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This will only amuse a small selection of you, but I must share:
In the wee early hours of this morning, I began my day, giggling to myself the whole way through, with 110 forehands, 110 backhands, 110 volleys and 110 overheads… and I worked up quite the sweat – that stuff actually is effective. Who knew? I couldn’t get that wall of folded up brown bleachers, at about net height, out of my mind!

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Today I ran the longest I have run thus far in my life…. in the pooring Van rain… just hope I make it to May 7th, the big 42km day, a mere 6 weeks away, healthy and able to just run the buggar to the end…

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All is well with the bod.

I’ve proven, yet again, an obvious fact in relation to this whole cleanse thing: While I’m sure my liver thanks me, and my intestines are likely much better off after this week of goodness being delivered, you’re never quite healthy and happy and rid of “toxins” on the inside if your emotional life and mental well being are out of sorts. Once they are in sync, your physical body will likely follow. When they’re out of sync, your body will most definitely let you know – THIS I know. Take from that what you will, but a cleanse can only do so much…

My week-long physical cleanse comes to a grand halt and ends this evening with a normal b-day dinner. I may even indulge in a well-deserved glass of wine.

Happy Birthday Roberto.

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Ah yes, and still hungry. But this cleanse is a bit of a joke. I think I must be missing something? I have a mere two days left and I feel pretty great. For those of you who have inquired what the regime looks like:

No caffeine, no booze – easy on the latter, not so much on the former. My morning and lunch shakes are yummy, consisting of berries, some fruit and almond milk, but are quite powdery tasting, due to the addition of the substances that look toxic, but are actually supposed to rid your body of the toxins, RevitalX and Detoxitech, the thick dust I have to clump into the blender. Dinners are TONS of greens, herbs and maybe fish or chicken. And I drink water like it’s going out of style.

Like I said, a bit of a joke. Oh, and I am allowed a handful of almonds and seeds as snacks along the way. Eating like a bird is fun! All that said, I can’t wait to get my hands on a big, fat bagel with lox and a larger than life LATTE!!!!

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Cleanse day 3

All good. Relatively things are normal. Tad tired, tad hungry, but still really active. At this point, this particular cleanse comes highly recommended….

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The Cleanse – Day 2

Little tougher. Energy still fine, but I am a tad weaker and just a wee bit HUNGRY! Went to a potluck to test my will. Oodles of fabulous food, wine, chocolate fondue. I had water. wow. 5 more days…

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Go see this play.
If you live in Van.
A treat.
Handbill info here.

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Day One

I am cleansing. A detoxing of sorts. Flushing out and rejuvenating the insides, if you will. Much needed. Too many toxins floatin around and it has been far too long since I’ve paid attention to the inner workings… Not a major cleanse, like consuming only beet juice and millet for 26 days. No thank-you. Been there, done that. Do not need to turn grey/green and withered for a week. I am having plenty of fruit and veg, some almonds and pumpkin seeds for snacks, tons of aqua, along with the main event: RevitolX and Detoxitech. I am allowed one solid meal a day, which tonight consisted of a salmon fillet and sauteed veggies with plenty of herbs and garlic. I eat this way anyhow – this shouldn’t be too tough?? And absolutely zero cafe (mornings will be a challenge), no booze (no problem, I think I’ve had my fair share, for a while anyhow), no refined sugars, yeast, wheat, dairy, etc, for 7 days. My energy today – no problem. Feel great. Played some tennis, feel just fine. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour is essential as well, as it always should be but never makes the cut. Tonight: 10:14 pm: rockin’ Saturday night indeed!

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Ode To zu

‘Twas a mere year ago that I began my journey at zu. The greatest company I’ll ever work for with the loveliest buncha folks you could stumble upon in this world, from a province I hold dear in my heart. Here’s a little tribute to all you zu peeps out there:

Written, Composed, Performed by MC, World Premiere Performance, Summer Solstice, Saskatoon, June 25, 2005

“Dear Mum and Dad”

(The tune is somewhat recognizable if you have a pulse, lest we forget… it has a striking resemblance to a slightly familiar tune, some song called “A Day In Life”… – I think some band ripped off my riff.)

I got a job today, oh boy.
zu dot com is my place of employ.
My first day was an event,
perhaps an indication of how-my-days-will-be-spent.

Important business came that day,
off to the boardroom to choose our N-C-double-A.
There was a condom on my chair.
…that’s cool…. thanks?….

My desk is simple, no bling-bling.
Oh no, wait, we’re movin’ ya down to the west wing.
Down there music volume’s high, never low,
temperature’s cool with a nice, even air flow.

Oh yeah, one thing that I forgot:
people here seem to like music a whole hell of a lot.
Well that’s alright cause so do I,
perhaps I’ll join a band, give that a try.

…. maybe… that’s why… I got this…. role….
Oh, no, no, wait – it’s cause my dad’s: Bob Cole….

So mum and dad, things here are comin’ along.
You should come and visit us
at zu dot com.
No, no, Z-U, not double “O”
I dunno, somethin to do with some guy’s name
Just come a visit us all,

miss you zu.

Go Irish.

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Life In Van…

For all of you folks that think it’s a tough go in Vancouver due to that facade of the never-ending rain for 4 months…. It’s early March: I was snowboarding at Whistler in the a.m., enjoyed a beer and burger in the blistering sun in the village midday, and played an hour of tennis in the evening sunset back in the city, oceanside… I opt for winter in this town – pretty dreamy, rain or no rain.

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