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Will Pate from Flock in Mountain View, CA and I jumped out of the action for a quick 10-minute lunch break and 1-minute vlog opp. Though Will admits he was really in no head space to be yakking or entertaining the internet before getting something in his very empty stomach… He came alive and was far more chatty apres wrap!

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En Route

Just me, en route, to my first day at Vloggercon, in lovely San Francisco… I think I'll leave my heart here.

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Here at Vloggercon, well, it hasn't quite begun yet… today is the first day and I'm heading over to the venue, The Swedish American Hall (a mere 3 blocks away!) in a bit. I'm staying with the lovely Eddie Codel and Jay – I feel right at home, like I've known this Eddie cat for years. As Will Pate once said, "I'd trust that guy with my last 5 dollars". I concur. Hit a cool joint last night upon my initiation into SanFran nightlife… caught up with some consumating folks and had a chance to chat with Ben Brown: thumbs up for sure!

Went for a crazy run this morning, up and down, and up and down again, and again, and again – this is the city to train in for sure. Downtown St. John's on many, many steroids!! Prescott Street never looked so easy! Ran along the ocean with the Golden Gate in the mist in my view: classic. Had a HUGE breaky at Kate's Kitchen… yummy granola, yogurt, fruit, all on a bed of FIVE slices of French Toast: welcome to America folks.



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Off to San Francisco to vlog up a storm!! Over the coming days, I'll be meeting and vlogging with some of the best in the biz. Check back here for plenty of what's sure to be fun vlogging, experimental vlogging, educational, inspiring, and of course some ridiculosity vlogging! Check out The Standard, or my youtube space as well.

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Episode One Finito and Up and LIVE!


My most recent gig: Hosting Vancouver's first online magazine music show that highlights the best of Canadian music with a focus on Vancouver. Warwick Patterson is the producer and creator and we're getting set to rock on through to episode 2 this week…. and then 3, and 4, and 5… CHECK IT OUT!

You can always still find me doin the usual fun stuff at Raincity Studios, bloggin, vloggin, conferencing, creating-designing-writing (New RCS Site coming soon!), communicating on all fronts… that much all remains. But I've since added to my workload outside of RCS with this awesome, new project that has a tremendous amount of potential – I am thrilled to be a part of it at its inception.

And let's just all face this small fact, shall we?:
This City Does in fact Rock.

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