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I do. Me. I have a great life. I am en route back from BlogHer in San Jose, sitting in a comfy leather chair with this glorious wif, next to a woman I did not meet at the conference, but on the plane out of San Jose.

Karen Walrond is a blogger, writer, mother, wife, islander, just to name a few of her roles, talents and identities in life. We started talking on the plane from minute one and haven’t stopped. In learning about her life and experiences I have gained. I win. And in just relaying a few details of my life, my past, my job, my family and friends, Karen genuinely turned to me and said with passion, “You have a great life. You have a great life!”

I do. I am fortunate. I am happy. I am healthy. My family and friends are healthy. What more do I need? What more does anyone need?

I have met a lot of inpsirational women and men this past week-end and I will be sure to write about the conversations and experiences soon enough. I met a ton of wonderful women and had a lot of fun along the way. I just didn’t want to let this opportunity slip by without a quick documentation.
(Oh, and there’s Wifi – thank-you Portland!)

Can’t wait to get home to Vangroovy… I am a-comin’!

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Robert Scoble likes our show!

“…Gotta find a new home for this kind of stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, check out “ThisCityRocks.” Focuses on the Canadian music scene. Well done and interesting to listen to and watch. Makes me want to visit Vancouver! Warwick Patterson should be invited to do a session at Northern Voice.” – July 13th
Kinda nice affirmation that we’re doing something right. 🙂 Oh, and some nice stuff in the comments as well (except for that bitter Chris guy – ouch dude!!)

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Yeah, I’m just now getting back to some of this fun stuff that’s been floatin’ around the internet. This one is particularly hilariosity. Thanks Valleywag for going easy!! And also for putting me in the position of power…

Valleywagged mc and kk+

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Oh yes, I will be a bloggin’ guru yet!

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Home For A Rest

Just back from a craaazeee, whirlwind time in Portland with the fabulous Raincity crew at Webvisions. The conference was over 2 days and was a pretty useful and informative time. I was an official blogger and posted notes on the Webvisions blog from some of the sessions I sat in on (also found at Raincity’s The Standard.)

IF I were to pick a few highlights from the few days away:

  • Matt Mullenweg’s 12 Rules – Whenever this guy speaks, it’s just lovely to sit back and listen to his every word. He happens to be pretty smart and, oh, the guy who developed a little thing called WordPress!
  • The Practical Business Blogging Session – good stuff 🙂
  • Catching Seattle’s The Long Winters with Keith & Brian (I’m so glad I didn’t hand the lead that envelope of Anthrax from the crazed fan)
  • The Jupiter Hotel – the funkiest motel on the planet, right out of Space Odyssey with the coolest lighting, great food, The Doug Fir comfy corners and a shop near the lobby, Ivy Studio, that I could’ve spent HOURS in, not to mention hundreds of dollars.
  • The 9-hour roadtrip with krug – always a grand ol’ time
  • Stellar Wifi

Conference Confusion:

  • Double-digit Guinness nights, mixed with whatever is in Portland water, or maybe it was the lack there of, can lead one into Crazyville: Beware

It was swell to hook up with the new/old friends, Brian Oberkirch, Will Pate, Matt Mullenweg, Greg Narain. Congrats to the Nitobi gang, launching their re-brand: hot. And to finally get to meet some new, fantastic peeps: Keith, Micki, Dan, Jeremiah.

For far more entertainment, conference pics from the good, the bad, and the ugly debaucherous times we all endured, click 🙂

A great conference, good times, even despite the morphing into too-much-Guinness-not-enough-sleep-crazyland-mc, just know that I am safe and back and normal and feel really quite great to be in my lovely home by the beach with the love of my life.

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This City Rocks!

We’re keepig it rockin and rollin…. Episode No. 5 coming out this week. Look for TCR at the Vancouver Folk Festival!
WOW – Long time since I’ve blogged on my good ol’ megonian wordpress blog. I’ve been, uhm, busy? My new found bud from Gnomedex down in Seattle last week, Matt Mullenweg, would be ashamed!

Check out all kinds of fun and interesting writings, events, tales, conferences, news that Raincity has been up to on our stellar new site!

Since we last met, among other things:
Edmonton lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup, but man was game 6 hot!
Both of my parents have come and gone from Vancouver after what were 2 fantastic visits.
I’ve lost a ridiculous amount of tennis games – completely uncool and I WILL rectify this fact.
One of my best friends has tied the knot back home in Newf and I had to miss it.
I’ve been to San Fran and Seattle for work and am heading back to Seattle, Portland and San Jose over the next month for more fun work to be had!
I’ve had great coffee, yummy BBQ’s, met some new friends, haven’t lost any old. – generally been trying to keep work the priority, which in turn, would partly be this blog as well. :~O

I feel like I’ve lost the love for my blog… ack! Alas, I’m back on ‘er. Summer is here and the time is right.

And last, but certainly not least:
I have found my new love.

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