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The Hip are still givn’er: amazing. My musical taste has broadened and varies quite a bit since my first taste of this Canadian icon band with the likes of “Road Apples”, but how can you be truly Canadian and not have a little bit of Hip fan in you. We all rocked out to “New Orleans Is Sinkin” at some point or another in the early nineties. Hell, I even got my dad to hit one of their concerts at the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Well, I kinda needed him to get IN to the building… heh 🙂

The band is set to put out a new release this fall, “World Container”, and this morning, just hours ago, they’ve released the first single on their website, “In View”, along with some pics of Gord Downie. How do bands like this one continue to evolve and write unique material into decade three?!

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BarCampVan A Hit

Thanks to all sponsors and organizers, BarCampVan worked. And it was fun. We laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats.Check out the many pics.

The BoysThere’s talk of throwing together a PhotoCamp or DemoCamp in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled at a blog near you!

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Check out the latest episode of This City Rocks, Canada’s HOTTEST music video podcast…heh.

This week we interviewed Vancouver band Panurge – fun dudes, stellar musicians. They’ll be opening for Metric in Victoria next week-end, Sep 3rd.

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Capo in fine puppy instigator-run-and-hide-semi-bold mode. Ruckle Beach, Saltspring Island, BC. Also starring Meisha the Moo-Moo, Kelly and Moi.

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MC of Raincity Studios in studio with Lipgloss and Laptops Have A Listen: Lipgloss and Laptops, Episode #25

Friends of Raincity, the lovely ladies of Lipgloss and Laptops, Airdrie and Kerry Anne, kindly invited me into their studio to sit in while they recorded their 25th epsisode. We had a blast, tested some products (with some before, during and after pics), talked about my job at Raincity, our Raincity Pilot, celebrity crushes, goDaddy, naked pictures, and travelling on airplanes without lipgloss (gasp!).

These women have it goin on. The podcast is a weekly health, cosmetics, and beauty podcast for the thinking woman. They’ve tapped into a niche and have scooped up quite a large audience since the show’s inception in March of this year: Newspapers want to talk to them and they get tons of fan mail! Not only are they fun and hot in person, but they sound great. It’s a podcast that’s funny and charming with voices that are easy on the ears. And their home studio has better equipment than most radio stations!

Thanks for letting me sit in! Check out their site and download their podcast.

Photo By: Airdrie

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Apparently TorontoLobby.com thinks that my pal Ken (of Hotrocket fame) and I gave a great tour of the lobby of the Delta Chelsea Hotel back in May, as we ridiculously rolled through it at 2am. Uhm, yeah, that’s some great floor…

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This scene shook down right outside of my home this morning at 6:40am… Capo and I sat back on the porch (we were already awake and outside “enjoying” our morning – arrrrr) and took the show in, front row seats. Man on bike taken down, lots of screaming, yelling, cop cars roaring in, lights flaring – it was wild! And NOT typical for my yummy-mummy-baby-boomin-dog-owner-haven-yuppy Kitsilano hood. (!)

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Robot Coop and Yummy Pizza

Again, going waaaay back, getting back to lovely internet surprises…

At Drupal Camp Seattle in late June, a small group of us ran into the fine, young lads of the RobotCoop over lunch at my new favourite (everybody’s fav!) Seattle pizza joint, Piecora’s. We popped by their ass-kickin’ office after lunch for a quick visit – what a stellar space they have!

And then they blogged about us! Looking forward to seeing y’all soon 😉

Find these rad guys at HQ, 43places, 43people, 43things, allconsuming – they’re everywhere!

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