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My Love For Autumn

Yes, it’s rainy and chilly in Vancouver, our summer seems to have ended abruptly (though I do believe over the next 2 weeks it will be improving), but I welcome my favourite season with open arms:

1. Fall Apparel is Far Superior.

2. Bring on Hockey.


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One of my dearest friends is none other than Glencora Twigg, fashion designer extraordinaire, co-owner of Twigg & Hottie, Vancouver’s hottest fashion boutique – and no, I don’t plug the joint just cause she’s a best bud – most items in my closet are from the racks of 3671 Main Street and WITHOUT fail, I am complimented on each piece every time I leave my home ๐Ÿ™‚

This Saturday night, September 23rd, I am doing this dear friend a great service, in my opinion, by hittin’ the catwalk and struttin’ T&H’s apparel. I jest in the whole “being talked into it” – it will be a blast!!

Twigg & Hottie are throwing a fashion show, The Formal Debauchery, at The Anza Club. The title says it all. COME JOIN! The whole night is gonna be a swingin-from-the-chandelier type of affair:
dj’s spinnin, bands jammin’, drinks overflowin’, and beauty fall fashion items on babes (eh-hem).

Get down to Twigg & Hottie and pick up your tickets, or if you miss out on that joyous experience, give them a buzz and buy over the phone: 604.879.8595

Get tickets NOW – they are selling fast, really, they are, again, not just sayin’…

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He’s just too funny and too cute NOT to post…

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Capo, The Snoaring Dog

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Ahhh Tofino…

Surfing in Tofino

Just rolled back into Van from a fantastic week-end in Tofino. Surf, sun, soul-cleansing time with wonderful friends. At some points, I felt as though I were on a tropical island, other times, a Newfoundland beach in November. We had cozy quarters, gourmet food, copious amounts of beer, wine, whiskey, rum, gin, baileys, etc, etc …., all the fun toys and tools one would ever need camping, and then some!, sun, calm, wind, mist, cold, hot, sandy feet, rotten clothes, broken toes, crazy dogs, candlelight, yummy campfires, stellar surf session…. I could go on. It was a stunning time with a perfect mix of laughter, love, dogs and pals. I can’t wait to get back.

All pics hereย 

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