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This New Year’s Eve, some friends and I have decided to dine IN – we’re taking over the Dobbin kitchen in St. John’s (and what a kitchen to cook in!) and creating a feast! What better way to bring in the new year than with great food, wine and the best of friends… there are a few of you out there that will not be sitting with us at the table, but know you will be missed…

~ asparagus tips wrapped in proscuitto and romano formaggio
~ Atlantic smoked salmon and Newfoundland salt cod brandad, with fresh-baked french bread
~ Marinated Olives

~ Portobello and Shitake Mushroom Risotto (with a sundried tomato risotto for those who aren’t keen on the mushies…)
~ Baked chicken with Basil, Almond, Romano Pesto

~ Delectable imported cheeses – one is a Porto Stilton! :0

~ Sorbet topped with a warm caramelized glaze of mango, blueberries, banana and maple, with a dark chocolate drizzle

vino: a fine selection from canada, italia and argentina and and and….


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capo et moi

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I am very much addicted to the Read/Write Web, that is to say: it’s where I like to surf for all the latest and greatest. And this upcoming week is no exception.

You want reviews of 2006 and all that shook down and what it all means as we launch into 2007? Richard MacManus and his 2.0 crack team of writers always seem to hit all the issues, news, conferences, and sum them up well, with honesty and realism in their writing, reporting and critiquing.

SO – I’ll be watching and reading and hopefully reporting back and linking on The Standard, as per the usual, but let’s be honest, it’s 11 days, yes, ELEVEN days, until the stores close and the 12 Days of Christmas (technically are supposed to, in theory) begin. So while I shop, or rather, make my homemade gifts (oh my family love me for it, really they do) and we all feast over and over again, you can always take a spin through the read/write to catch what you’ve missed.

That is, if Grandma’s house has that wifi hook-up so you can escape away to feed your addiction between eggnog and Santa chocolates.

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Bon Voyage Roberto!!

Pilot R. Cole is headed off to Bangkok today… then onto his first official post as helicopter pilot for CHC International in Bangladesh!! We’re so happy for you Roberto, proud of you, can’t wait to read YOUR NEW BLOG about all of your adventures. You better speak some mean Bangla upon your return. We’ll miss you.

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