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Happy Birthday Blog

You Are One Today!!

I started my blog one year ago…. since then, well, I’ve enjoyed the blog. I like writing, always have. It has led me to write on a few other sites as well, and I continue to pursue writing for the web. I find writing on this blog cathartic. Yes, it is my online journal, and it truly is just a bunch of my jargon, but this was the beginnings of my online networks, communities and connections, and I can’t say enough about how wonderful this aspect of ‘my life online’ has been, especially when you get those random, sweet comments from around the world, like this one.

I just left my position at Raincity a week ago, and am in the process of molding, shaping, building a whole new site (oh, and business) for myself that will encompass all aspects of what I do: designing, writing, photography, hosting, blogging… all coming soon to a megan portal near you!

But for now, this simple, unchanged and unedited (sometimes neglected!) WordPress blog of which I have grown fond over this past year, will remain my place of jargon for the time being.

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Pilot Rob

Over the past week, Bangladesh has been in the headlines in and around the 3rd or 4th story. Before 2 months ago, I think these particular clips would have passed me by, in that, when hearing the words, “… And in Dhaka…”, I would have zoned out (“Where’s Dhaka?”), and continued my mental list of things to get done today, as I fed my dog breakfast or frothed my made-at-home Illy latte.

But instead, my ears perk up, I dash to the kitchen counter, lean in, my face inches from the radio, my hand on the dial, cranking up the volume. The 20-second story clues up and I am already scooting over to the computer to surf my various online sources for more details on this news.

Bangladesh has over 130 million people, all stacked in an area about the size of the island of Newfoundland.

My brother is a helicopter pilot with CHC. He is currently stationed in Bangladesh.

Thanks to the advances of technology, I can flip open my skype and have a conversation with him almost every day, as he’s tucked away in his hotel room (more recently between 11pm and 5am because of the implemented country-wide curfew). So I know he’s okay most of the time. I also get the real skinny on what’s happening, and more importantly, what’s *not* happening.

Experiencing life from the extremes of a poverty-stricken people who struggle for survival in Chittigong, to cruising the shores over the Bay of Bengal in search of oil rigs, my brother will have many stories to tell from his version of the front lines, as they were. For me, I can’t express how grateful I am for email, blogging, flickr and my new best friend, skype. Strangely and fortunately, Rob doesn’t seem so far away.

I’ve learned one thing for certain: Though I like to think I hear all that crackles into my kitchen via the radio waves, I will pay closer attention to the world report and the sometimes unimaginable description of some form of chaos from half way around the world, in places I have never been and likely will never know… because inevitably, somebody’s brother is there.

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My sibs came through in a wonderful way for the big bday… Rob has been wanting to give this gift to me for over a year – I had no idea! I am thrilled… can’t wait for you to come home Rob so we can cruise the mountains with The Capo!! Merci mon frere.

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How Do You Feel Going Into The New Year???

I started my blog a year ago this January, so that my family and friends could witness my 5 weeks in Torino, Italy. It was meant to be a kind of behind the scenes look, from my perspective naturally, at the Olympic Games and life in Northern Italia – the day to day reports and updates of my journey while I experienced working for the CBC on the world stage. I wanted to share that with them. That was the beginning.

Now, at the end of 2006, as we are all about to embark on “the new year”, and, for many, reflect about this past year, I find that I have opened up a lot of my life to the internet, for all eyes to see (admittedly, a phenomenon I find both strange and challenging at times). But I have happily embraced it for the most part and have had many positive experiences, having met a slew of wonderful people, both personally and professionally. That said, I don’t think I will divulge my thoughts and feelings on all that I have gained, loved, lost, learned… that’s too personal.

I’m not big on the whole New Year’s Resolutions thing, but I am big on creating lists and in setting some goals, both short and long, so why not do that at the start of the new year? A woman whom I admire inspired me about a decade ago to start this fulfilling ritual. I hope to do the same for someone else.

So here goes my goal list for 2007, in no particular order of importance (I like to think of #14 as my mantra):

1. Keep Running – always.

2. Listen.

3. Caution whilst on the sloops…

4. Piano – get back on the horse, or stool.

5. Play more guitar… and sing in a pub, just once…

6. Focus on what I am passionate about and what makes me tick.

7. Qualify for Boston.

8. Be true to myself. Make my choices and decisions in life for me, and not for what society says, not for other people, pressures or acceptance. A toughy, but a goody.

9. Be a stellar mum to The Capo.

10. Judge Less – never be quick to dismiss another human being.

11. Play more tennis: competition shape.

12. Stay close and in touch with the family and friends that are so far away.

13. Grace.

14. Enjoy the moment, not the end result.

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