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CNMA 2007 Our RideI arrived this morning into Toronto just after 6am (wow, red eyes are certainly to be desired), grabbed an easy cab ride into town, checked into a posh, comfortable hotel next to Massey Hall in the midst of all the Young Street action in the downtown core, and found light jazz wooing me into the room from the corner, crisp, white bed sheets turned down, enough space to cleanly execute a cartwheel across the floor and wifi! Exhausted from my fabulous flight, I slept, out like a light.

Good start.

Enough of the fluffy stuff – here’s where the ‘what’s happening here is important’ bit is best illustrated. This afternoon, all of the finalists of this year’s CNMA gathered at the Canadian Film Centre for a BBQ. This welcoming afternoon provided an informal time for the finalists to get to know one another. Adam Froman and Ana Sorreno both had a few casual, friendly, welcoming words to say. But what they said is the good part: this award show is 100% about celebrating great Canadian work. What more can you ask for? Especially when it’s coming from a group of leaders who throw this together and pull off 2 full days for the finalists, and it’s all stemming from a passion for recognizing work in digital media in this country.

Ana Serrano travels around the world, most recently having just returned home from Cannes, and she made a point emphasizing the fact that the world is watching Canada and the amount of fantastic work coming out of our country – the CNMA show is one example of highlighting Canadian talent. Why not embrace this?

I know that award shows are the most likely target (and easy) for slagging and negativity in any industry, but what is being celebrated here in Toronto this week is fantastic for the industry. I’d love to see the many talented people in technology in this country play a role and get involved in the event. What I see as an important element to this celebration continuing to being successful is to write, blog, talk about, advertise, whatever what’s going on across the board in digital media in the country – to do just that, we all need to support the cause and write about what we’re all doing! Our culture does not celebrate our own near enough.

(And as an FYI: the people organizing are not adverse to this show hittin’ the road, in fact, they encourage it moving across the country to another city – anyone up for the challenge?)

After Monday night’s show, there will be plenty of footage, interviews and wrap info on the last 24 hours on the CNMA blog – this is one place where the conversations can continue about who is making waves and which people and companies are paving the way in technology and digital media in Canada on the world’s stage.

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I am disappointed that I was unable to make it to the first DemoCamp Vancouver (man, was that Arcade Fire worth it though!!) but still wanted to acknowledge the event – sounds like it was a huge hit! I’d like to point those of you who also happened to miss out to a few places where you can get a sense of what all shook down, and so you can be sure not to miss the next one!!

Great efforts and kudos goes out to a few folks for initiating the event, capturing, hosting and MC-ing: BMann, Bill (BIG thanks for hosting… and the cute light bulb graphic too!), Roland, Krug

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The inaugural DemoCamp Vancouver is set to go Thursday evening, May 24th at WorkSpace in Gastown.

What the hell is a demo camp, you ask?

In a nutshell, it’s a rapid fire show and tell. It’s a gathering of professionals, roughly over a 2 hour period, where a whole slew of folks from different industries, sectors, businesses from around the city get together and showcase an idea, thing, project, web app, toy, art, invention, whatever, to the rest of us. It could encompass anything from a project you are working on or launching, to a mere great idea sketched out on a napkin. Those presenting will have the floor for all of 6 mintues to do so, no more, no less (that 6 minutes will be allocated to 3 minutes of presenting, 3 minutes of open floor discussions, then on to the next!)
It’s meant to be organic. It’s meant to be grass roots, analogue, no bells or whistles, and most certainly, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend – it’s FREE!

Check out our Facebook page and join the group in the fine fashion of Facebook style that we all know and love.

SIGN UP HERE ON THE WIKI! (You should go to this page and add your name to the list of participants at the bottom.)

Those of you happily using Upcoming.org, sign up there as well.

We hope to see you there – it should be an eventful evening, and you’ll be making history by being a part of the official, long-awaited, first ever Vancouver DemoCamp. It has grand potential to be inspirational, perhaps somewhat geeky (always in a great way), and most definitely uber cool.

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The PanelLast night I sat on a panel for an event organized by New Media BC, in conjunction with Wired Woman and Bell Canada, and was fortunate enough to have 3 brilliant and successful women in the digital media sector in Vancouver sitting next to me: Emma Payne from At Large Media, Kiana Mohseni from EA and Jennifer Ouano of Elastic Entertainment.

We were brought together to speak to a room of about 30, mostly women, and share our professional experiences, our successes and challenges, the trends we’ve observed and to discuss ways in which the technology sector could become more attractive and less of an intimidating space for women.

All of the attendendees participated and generated some good convo, ideas, and inspiration. It was nice to connect with people who’ve “gone before”, who have experienced a ton to share with those who would like to jump into technology and into being a cool geeky woman in technology!

Find out more about these types of professional events through the New Media BC events page and Wired Woman.

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I'm turning off on May 16 - you can too!

May 16th, 2007: Shut ‘er down BC!!

Here’s a news flash: Vancouver is smack dab in the middle of a 30 Days of Sustainability celebration and affirmation. (Find the month-long schedule of events here.) This Wednesday is the official “Turn It Off! British Columbia” Day. It’s being hailed as somewhat of a challenge, but think of it more as a way to contribute and participate in the common goal to integrate sustainability into the minds and lives of every citizen.

If you don’t know what or how to “turn it off” (get out from that under that rock), check out some tips here.

Help spread the word: check out the Facebook Group created for the cause, blog about it and share the link love. As well, use your photography to inspire the rest of us and add any photos you may have taken of this beautiful land to your flickr, tagging them “30days2007” so we can all have a gander!

Tomorrow morning, unplug that digital alarm and let the birds and sunlight wake you up!

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thiscityrocks – new episode – from the tour bus – montreal’s dj champion


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Globe and Mail, Style Section Article on Twigg & HottieI have been a long time supporter and advocate of this little shop on Main Street called Twigg & Hottie, that ain’t so “little” any more. Since day one of its’ inception way back in 2003, I have spent thousands. (Gulp.) And I don’t regret one penny. It is without a doubt one of the most fantastic fashion boutiques this city has to offer, and let me just tell you why:

    1. Homegrown all the way: All of the designs carried in the store are MADE IN CANADA. Support local.
    2. The clothing: OMG. Unbelievable. If you are a relatively average build and size, i.e. you have a real woman’s body, you will find soooooo much to wear in this store. And each piece is exceptional, but you will also find those “staples” for your wardrobe, and more than likely, with a subtle uniqueness to them, which is refreshing. (And dudes out there – there are *some* shirts and jewlery for you too!)
    3. The mandate: Sustainable clothing. So you pay a little more, well, you’re getting articles of clothes that are helping to save our planet, that will last longer, and that feel incredible on the skin. No contest.
    4. The Main – it’s located on one of the coolest city blocks this town’s got goin’ on.
    5. The owners: Three Fabulous Women. (All fashion designers.) Who know fashion. Who know their business. Who boldly support you with their slogan, “Wear what you want”. Who are lovely and warm and helpful and don’t take themselves so seriously AND who have tirelessly worked their butts off over the past 4 years to see this business grow. And it has…

They’ve had some great press recently: featured in the National Post…. COVER of the Style section in the Saturday Globe and Mail – does it get any better? If you’re in Vancouver, you must go to this store, spend some time perusing, have fun trying on things you may not normally pick off a rack (trust the staff when they pick things out for you and give you their honest opinions)… and then go back to the store a few weeks later to see all the new stock from all the fantastic (over 50+) Canadian designers! If you’re not in this city, you can always find them online!

I am not a “shopper” by any means. I kind of loathe the process. But I could spend hours in this store (and have) in one go. At Twigg & Hottie, I actually love the whole shopping and trying clothes on experience. It does help that I happen to enjoy buying things. So, it’s pretty much the only place I shop, and because of it, I think my wardrobe is pretty top drawer. Who says that?

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