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Next Thursday, July 5th, 5:30pm at WorkSpace.

Come One, Come All.
DemoCampVancouver, The Second One.
Join the event on Facebook too.
What the hell is this about? Read this.
Hope to see you there.

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Check This: VIDBLOG

This year, VIDFEST has been moved from the traditional time slot of mid June, to late September – a strategic move to perhaps free up more summer time for all of those other conferences, and to place the festival leading into the Vancouver International Film Festival, which runs at the end of September and into October.

There are some “in-house” writers contributing regularly on VIDBLOG, but every so often you may see a guest appearance by bloggers, technologists and other industry folks, blogging about anything under the sun. Well, within the realm of technology, the internet, gaming – all things digital media, we’ll say.

VIDFEST is a world premiere event that is organized by New Media BC every year and sponsored and attended by people in the technology sector from around the world.

You can find out what is on the slate for the festival in 2007 on the schedule, and you can also register online (tickets on sale starting in JULY).

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Bryght Wall and my pint o vinoSign Up!

We just opened the wiki flood gates yesterday and somebody make it stop! Well, no, not really. BarCampVancouver 2007, the unconference, ad-hoc, community-orientated, free (by donation!), fun, fast, furious 24-hour event will be held this August 17 1nd 18 at the same locales as last year, WorkSpace and Bryght, and the sign up page on the wiki is getting hit hard. We’ve allotted 120 spaces at this stage…

You need:
The wiki attendee page
Sponsor page – this event is free, so we need sponsors – let us know if you’d like to help out!

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Sessions for nextMEDIA in Banff took place over the course of 2 full days at the Banff Springs Hotel. For a complete look at the schedule, check here.
The following are my notes, roughly jotted as things rolled along, on a few of the sessions:

nextMEDIA 2007

Keynote: Joanne Drake Earl, Current TV

Current is a global television network that gives you, the user, the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV – citizen journalism participatory news.

  • It’s hard to make money on the internet (ain’t that the truth)
  • Current TV have a strong online business based on their TV presence – their TV success has fueled and funded their experiments online
  • Current TV have asked themselves how to infuse their programming with user generated content and achieve participation on every level for their entire audience
  • Two days after the New Orleans catastrophe, Current TV provided coverage before any national networks were on the scene
  • Lessons learned: have a participation model, give content providers incentive up front, producers need direction
  • Social media can be a healthy business
  • Engage with a very active audience – safe, legal, high quality
  • Sponsors want to engage and they can organically with their target audience of male 18-34 years, the early adopters and influencers – this audience helps them create and produce quality content that the sponsors will want to purchase
  • They Want Your Content!!

Research Report: New Media Business Exploration Study
Earlier this year, the Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Association engaged Kisquared to undertake a landmark study of the new media business model. Vaughn Smith took a look at 5 new media companies in Canada, his take simply being: “I am a small new media company, looking for money”. Here are a few of his thoughts:
(note: He stated that it was extremely difficult to reach companies who were willing to participate in the research)

  • Online distribution has changed marketing, sales and distribution models
  • When these small companies open their doors for business, they have a limited or zero knowledge about the funding that is available
  • There is a communication breakdown between new media companies and the funding associations
  • 79% are unaware of private funding
  • 38% new media companies have invalid URLs, outdated info, tough to navigate
  • 56% projects are cancelled over the last year due to lack of funding
  • There must be an improvement on the visibility of the government and private sectors that are currently engaged in new media funding
  • Companies should actively pursue reasearch and development funding
  • We need to bridge educational and new media associations

nextMEDIA 2007

The Complexity of Interactive Production, Producing and Profiting From Digital Content in Canada and Abroad
Matthew Hornburg, marblemedia
Charles Zamaria, Bell Fund, Ryerson
David U.K., heavy.com
Sabrina Geremia, Google Canada
Moderator: Michael Kasprow, Trapeze Media

  • To grow your audience online, the first step is to find your audience, get your eyeballs
  • Monetize the opportunity
  • Canada is blessed with having the most progressive broadcasters in the world (a rebuttal to this point was that our broadcasters are not near as aggressive as they could be and that we are far behind)
  • It’s important to not be too precious about the protection of your brand online
  • The user will play with your brand to a certain extent – be prepared for this. This is not a bad thing, as, ideally, it’s about developing a brand. The more a brand is out there, the better.
  • A great example of one of the most successful models to date is marblemedia: they hold the rights to their content, they have the opportunity to exploit the digital and TV realms
  • Fact: The Bell Fund cannot provide funding to a digital project unless it has a TV base – how can we change this? LOBBY THE CRTC TO CHANGE
  • Is TV dying? There is a weakening, but if anything, the internet moving into the living room is driving and inspiring people to go back to TV (hmmmm…?)
  • TV is supplemented by other mediums (internet) – TV is shifting, transforming, evolving
  • There is one problem: there is not enough content online for the appetite… (yet)

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Day one of nextMEDIA conference here in Banff ended yesterday with a pitch session to Telefilm Canada where 4 digital media gurus took to the stage to sell their brilliant ideas to the funders of this nation… and I am currently sitting in the lunch room at the Banff Springs Hotel where the lovely Amber MacArthur has just announced the winner:

Fem TV!!

What’s the prize? A whooping 10 G’s!! And their winning project will be produced… go check it out.

Come to Banff for a brief moment and watch Krug’s recording of the magic moment LIVE!

(photo by: kk)

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nextMEDIA, one of Canada’s premier digital conferences, kicks off today in Banff Alberta, and what better a way to spend a week-end than in the mountains with a whole slew of the industry’s leaders, discussing the future of digital content? That’s why I’m here. Hell, I even brought my mountain dog .

There are some incredible people descending upon Banff this week-end (not to mention, nextMEDIA is strategically placed immediately prior to the Banff World TV Festival, which begins on Sunday), so you not only get one stellar crowd, but a healthy and somewhat necessary blend of audience and participants – something of a cross-pollination… from the internet to television, or is that the other way around?

Have a peek at the speakers in the schedule and watch for some updates, summaries and opinions from the week-end here, Krug’s outlet, Kate Trgovac, and maybe check what’s already been said in the media on the media page. And, well, this next part goes without saying: they do in fact have a Facebook page.

From everything I’ve heard, if you’re into geekery and the future of digital media, you’ll be signing up for this conference for next year by Monday.

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There are several Flickr apps for Facebook that are currently out there. I’ve tried them all and this one wins in my books. zuPort: Flickr was just released last Friday and will continue to be worked on and improved to meet the suggestions and requests from the users, so check it out and let the team who built this bombshell know what you think about it. I spent some of my day Friday testing the beta before launch and the developers working on it, ironing out the kinks and making it the best Flickr Facebook application are genius.

Here are a few reasons why I dig it:

    On the profile page:

  • Displays the most recently uploaded Flickr photos within seconds of them
    being uploaded to Flickr
  • If you hover over the photo, it displays the title
  • You can click to see all photos or all sets
    On the photo pages:

  • Allows you to look at all your public Flickr photos IN FACEBOOK or Flickr
  • Shows most recent photos and displays all of your flickr sets
  • You can click photos to enlarge them and see their title, description, tags and comments from flickr
  • Ease to navigate to the next photo
    Features being added soon:

  • Photos in the news feed
  • If you make comments in Facebook, they will appear on Flickr

Now go back to your crack, login and add the zuPort: Flickr!

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Hockey Night In Canada’s Scott Oake had the pleasure of chillin’ with a one Snoop Dogg at the Honda Center in the Anaheim-Ottawa game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, 2007. Classic.

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