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For every person that (signs up on email first) shows up to dance with Matt for his new video, the company that is sponsoring the video, Stride gum, will donate money to charity. He will be in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in early September, 2007.

Sign-up details found here.

Inspiration comes in many forms:


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For those of you that have superfantastic projects under your belt and have not yet submitted to Popvox, get on it! It’s free to submit, you could be adorned with the title “International Award-Winning Firm” – wow! – the morale of your award winning team goes shooting through the roof and you crank out even more superfantastic award-winning projects, you win prizes (always fun) and you will be written about on The Bombshell – WOW!

What: The PopVox First Annual Awards at VIDFEST, winners announced at the opening gala of the 2007 Vancouver International Digital Festival
Who: Anyone who lives on planet Earth, with any project created between Sept 2006 and Sept 2007
Another What: Categories are the following:

  • Best Web 2.0 App
  • Best Mobile Game
  • Best Digital Animation Short
  • Best Digital VFX
  • Best Game
  • Best Music Score
  • Homegrown: The Best of BC

Find more details and SUBMIT NOW! Submissions close Friday, Sept. 7th.

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Sorry about the quality from my phone and the Newfoundland wind!

Thank-you SOOOOO much to alllllll the sponsors this year at BarCampVan07:

And to the Supporters too:

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James Sherrett, one of the organizers of BarCampVancouver 2007 has conveniently thrown together allllll the deets you may want or need prior to this Friday. Here is the cut and paste version 🙂

Registry and Attendance
We’re oversubscribed (yay!), which means that some people who want to come won’t be able to come (boo!). So please, if you’re in the first 120, check your dates and availability. Are you sure you’re coming? We want to minimize the wiki squatting. If you’re not sure you’re coming, please strike out your name and post the name of the top person left on the waiting list in your former place. If you’re on the waiting list, are you sure you’re available to come? If not, please cross out your name. If you’re still keen on coming, check back on the list to see if you’ve been added to the first 120.

We don’t mean to be too anal about this. We just want to make sure that all the people that want to be there and can be there do get to be there. And to do that, please help us get the word out to all Barcampers. Blog this message if you can. Forward it on to friends who are interested so people are in the know.



We have printed 120 Barcamp Vancouver 2007 t-shirts to cover our collective nekkidness. They’re fuschia (!) and they’ll be available at the door on a first- come, first-served basis. We’re taking a suggested donation of $20 for each t-shirt, to finance our lavish unconference lifestyle. Any monies left over will be rolled into financing next year’s proceedings.


List of Topics for Sessions – find this on the main page:

One of the suggestions from past Barcamps has been to post a list of potential topics for sessions before the unconference. That way,people can do their homework and get a hint of the sessions available.


Schedule of Barcamp Events

Friday, August 17: food and drink at the Alibi Room
* appetizers all evening
* open bar starting at 6:30 pm (until our credit runs out!)
* we’re in the private area downstairs
* TheAlibiRoom, 157 Alexander Street @ Main (map on website)
* sleepover at Workspace, 21 Water Street, Suite 400

Saturday, August 18: conference day all day
* start at 8:30 AM with day organization
* pastries and coffees available
* pizza lunch to be delivered at ~noon
* Workspace, Suite 400 – 21 Water Street (map on website)
* end at 5:30 PM
* your own reconnaisance

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