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Red Shirt For Burma

So I am a little late on this one… it’s half way through the day out here in Vancouver, BC, but like all of us, work is busy and it’s still my workday, however:

Join this event – go stick on your best red shirt. When you go out this evening, throw on your red coat, scarf or if in Canada, your red toque, and tell people why you’re wearing it. Oh. Why are you wearing it? Read this and definitely watch this – then perhaps you’ll decide to take part in this global outreach for support, and it may inspire you to do more…

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Apparently, two of my friends and colleagues IN CANADA have and use the God Almighty iPhone (gasp!) – Read all about how you can too in a post by Ryan over on Canada Bombshell blog.

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I simply must share. My favourite store in Vancouver just had a wee boost to its’ already stellar cred: Twigg & Hottie was written up in the Travel section of the New York Times this past week-end, in an article that heralds Main Street as “a fashion-forward, relaxed destination with a Think Globally, Act Locally vibe”.

Holy wow.

Congrats ladies.

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