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Mexico Shangri-LaI am slowly resurfacing from a much-needed 2-week offline hiatus. In a word: lovely, but I am looking forward to exercising these itching fingers. I am delayed, again, in flight travel. The first delay was waiting for the heat to pass over Mexico. This wait is due to a blustery snow squall blowing over this glorious island in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s been a true coast to coast (to coast) whirlwind holiday. I am so fortunate. This holiday has been wonderful, filled with plenty of good: sunshine, snowstorms, plenty of bevvies, family, friends and laughter.

Up next: The big 2008 goal list…. Happy New Year and best of health and happiness to all in 2008!

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Vancouver Dec 2, 2007Wow, has it really been over three weeks? Have I lost the luster? Has life really gotten that complicated that I don’t even (gasp) blog on my own space any more?

Yes, life can sometimes get a little complicated, or, like some people in my world right now it seems, a lot complicated. And blogging about pretty much anything kind of becomes unimportant and can seem trivial to a point, unless of course you turn to the blog to unload some of what’s happening in life around you. Not my first choice. And let’s not dismiss the fact that lately my snippets of info and connecting come mostly in the form of FB updates…

It’s now T-Minus 8 days, and for the first time in over a year, I am going unplugged, unreachable, unplug-in-able, off the map, dedicating a whole week to sun, yoga and mint in my drinks.

But before that, here’s a whole slew of stuff that’s been going on that I’ve had every intention to write about:

  • Keeping it all in perspective: The most refreshing thing in my last few months has been having a sister in Africa, doing what I wish we all could. Reading her tales and living her experience through her photography has been nothing short of inspiring.
  • Last night was the second Launch Party, this time at Republic. The list of sponsors was quite long, which is excellent. Unfortunately, I was there briefly, but happy to sneak in a catch-up with Michael, say a quick hello to Rebecca, Dwayne and John (wish we chatted more actually), yakked with Dave a bit, strutted with the Strutta gang, hung with pal Cinci, caught a brief glimpse of Boris in the corner (sorry I didn’t get over there, but you were hiding!), and cruised by James while making my exit. My favourite part was having Weston FINALLY reveal his top secret Something Simpler project, Pul.se: it’ll be your new best, best friend on Facebook, currently still in alpha/beta tester mode. Who’ll need *actual* friends or google when you’ll have your Pulse tell you all need to know about your favourite music? and films and…. more on that later. (Here’s where I need Pulse to help me link to the future blog post.)
  • Michael and Paul were on The Lab! – airing in January.
  • DemoCampVan 04 was a few weeks back now, but was a goody. I think almost 100 people rolled in, we did get a healthy stint of demos, Battledecks was back in full force and seemed to be a hit, and the DEMOBEER at Flux went off pretty well! Who’s steppin’ up for the next one to buy a round for the gang???
  • Why do the women in East Vancouver like to ride their Sunday bikes with no helmet and zero lighting at night? They are crazy and could suffer life-long brain injuries. What gives ladies?
  • Kinzin: 2007 Facebook Rockstars. Check the blog for all the news. AYN is about to hit (read this next part with your pinky finger at the corner of your mouth) ONE MILLION users. muhahha-muhaha.
  • I spent an afternoon with the Digital Media Masters program students, talking about social media, tools, old and new media, networks, the boomerang… but that deserves its own blog post, cause they are doing great things over there and I’d like to talk more about that.
  • The new Daft Punk Live is purely spectacular.
  • Check out the Twigg&Hottie Christmas hot sheet and pop by Vancouver’s hottest fashion boutique to pick out your *hot* seasonal outfit!
  • My bro finally gets back tomorrow and I am super stoked.
  • The wonderful man in my life gave me an early Christmas gift a few days ago, cause he thought I’d like to use it right away. He was right. It was a handy, green iPod Shuffle. It made it all the way to Day 3 before getting a good washing, still attached to my running shirt. I deserve coal.

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