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tamk flickrYou ask and you shall receive 🙂

These Are My Kids launched about a month ago, and there isn’t a day that goes by when the team on the back end of things, the crafty Kinzin coders, are not looking for more ways to improve the application for you.

Kinzin is all about connecting family and friends. And not just online, which is why this latest application was created in such a way that you, the content creator in your family, will be able to subscribe your grandmother to your social network via the post! And people like her, who don’t have a computer or who would rather not play online (or Facebook as well), can be a part of your virtual network.

Some of the more savvy users who use and love These Are My Kids were looking forward to a Flickr upload feature inside the app. So Kinzin has gone and made that possible for you! You can now browse your photos from Flickr, your Facebook albums or your own computer. You can bring all of your Flickr Sets right into the application, and they will remain there, adding to your bank of photos to choose from when uploading an image into your kids’ pages. When you create more sets in your Flickr profile, you can refresh your Flickr sets in These Are My Kids with a click of a button.

This was a pretty vital step and one that was intended from the onset in building this application. For people like me, I have been using Flickr for a few years and have almost 100 sets and 4000 photos, so this feature was one that I am very happy to be able to use. (I use Capo as my kid. No, he doesn’t wear a “jacket” when we go out, and no, he does not have rhinestones on his collar – it’s just fun to play in the space with the latest on what this dog is up to because I, too, want a history of my dog’s life.)

These Are My Kids is the tool that makes capturing your kids’ lives and recording their history a snap. Kinzin’s goal has always been to enable the user to do this with great ease and in a seamless process. By tapping into networks like Flickr and Facebook, Kinzin makes life a little easier and saves you a little time, something the Kinzin family knows we all need a little more of!

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MDM at EAIf you haven’t heard already, there happens to be this school over here on the Great Northern Way Campus that’s making some rather large waves, to say the very least. I am fortunate enough to be a small part of it. I’ve been at the school for a few months now, brought on board working with the students and faculty of the Masters of Digital Media program – a top drawer digital media grad program – to implement a social media strategy for the school’s online presence. Fun stuff. Plus, everybody here at the school are wonderful people to work with: smart, savvy, fun, creative, and let’s face it: the future.

Just to give you a brief sense of the kind of work and events happening at the school, I’ll highlight this week for starters.

Alan LevineAlan Levine is in town for Northern Voice, and today he paid the school a visit to talk about web technologies and Second Life – it was a fun hour. The NMC, New Media Consortium, pretty much sums up what a lot of us are trying to do: “The NMC stimulates and furthers the exploration and use of new media and technologies for learning and creative expression.” – couldn’t have written it better myself.

One of the school’s students, Mike Cornford, is down at the GDC (Gaming Developers Conference) in San Francisco, blogging up a storm! One of our goals at the school was to have the blog for the site up and running so that we could have first-hand reporting from the conference. Mike has never blogged a day in his life until now: and he is GREAT at it (and, big surprise, loves it) – please read the GDC through his eyes and ears, and words. It’s truly refreshing.

shortlisted for a WebbyAnd in fine social media way – get those who are online, offline. Some of the students at MDM are heading to Northern Voice – so look for them, say hello and ask them to tell you all about what is happening at the school. You’ll be both impressed and proud. Lest we forget: Vancouver’s Centre of Digital Media is THE only place on the planet to attain a Masters in Digital Media.

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centre for digital media“Help me help you.”

Bridging Media is a new event that Erica Hargreave and I are organizing for March 29th, 2008.

To register, please visit the Bridging Media event page – we have a limited space for numbers, so head on over there and stick your name up.

What is Bridging Media?

In a nutshell, over the past 6 months, Erica and I, along with Kris Krug and Boris Mann, have had numerous conversations and brainstorming sessions around the continuing disconnect and gap between the broadcast and digital media worlds. This is an area in which Achilles Media has been involved for a number of years, as nextMEDIA has had huge success in Banff and is the sister conference to the Banff TV Festival. So we reached out to Mark Greenspan at Achilles and he was more than happy to get behind this event here in Vancouver as a “friend of the event”. Mark also suggested we use this event as a platform to help shape ideas and Banff’s pitching competitions – he’s absolutely right.

The Centre For Digital Media has also come on board as a major sponsor as the host of the event. They have graciously offered their amazing space “The Hanger” to house our inaugural event.

We’ve just begun the plight to take this idea and make it into a bit of a beast (we hope). So far we have had a pretty tremendous and supportive response. We are on the hunt for sponsorships, will be shaping and finalizing the speakers list over the coming weeks – and we always welcome more people-power – Gregg Scott just stepped up to create our logo – thank-you Greg!

Sign up for Bridging Media now!

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If you’re not already.

This week in Vancouver, er, Techcouver, is pretty jam-packed. All great stuff, some of which is already happening as I type. (As I relish in the only “free” time this the week (NOT complaining), with my wine, meat and our Canucks.)

Get your stamina and come out to each and all and support this unbelievable tech town. Or, you can read about them. At least pick one of the freebies! And if that’s not enough, there is PLENTY more up and coming in the weeks and months to follow…

  • Third Tuesday Vancouver – doh! you missed it. Check in for next month – always valuable
  • QuickLearn, also happening right now, but you’ll hear more about this, and so you should!
  • CaseCamp at the new lamplighter: Cinci from EATcomm has given new life to this marketing beast
  • Northern Voice Opening Party! – deserves it’s own bullet point
  • MooseCamp: step one on NV
  • Northern Voice: in its’ 4th year and sold out for the 4th consecutive! Don’t miss it, online, if that’s all you’ve got.

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