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tamk flickrYou ask and you shall receive 🙂

These Are My Kids launched about a month ago, and there isn’t a day that goes by when the team on the back end of things, the crafty Kinzin coders, are not looking for more ways to improve the application for you.

Kinzin is all about connecting family and friends. And not just online, which is why this latest application was created in such a way that you, the content creator in your family, will be able to subscribe your grandmother to your social network via the post! And people like her, who don’t have a computer or who would rather not play online (or Facebook as well), can be a part of your virtual network.

Some of the more savvy users who use and love These Are My Kids were looking forward to a Flickr upload feature inside the app. So Kinzin has gone and made that possible for you! You can now browse your photos from Flickr, your Facebook albums or your own computer. You can bring all of your Flickr Sets right into the application, and they will remain there, adding to your bank of photos to choose from when uploading an image into your kids’ pages. When you create more sets in your Flickr profile, you can refresh your Flickr sets in These Are My Kids with a click of a button.

This was a pretty vital step and one that was intended from the onset in building this application. For people like me, I have been using Flickr for a few years and have almost 100 sets and 4000 photos, so this feature was one that I am very happy to be able to use. (I use Capo as my kid. No, he doesn’t wear a “jacket” when we go out, and no, he does not have rhinestones on his collar – it’s just fun to play in the space with the latest on what this dog is up to because I, too, want a history of my dog’s life.)

These Are My Kids is the tool that makes capturing your kids’ lives and recording their history a snap. Kinzin’s goal has always been to enable the user to do this with great ease and in a seamless process. By tapping into networks like Flickr and Facebook, Kinzin makes life a little easier and saves you a little time, something the Kinzin family knows we all need a little more of!


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Kinzin The Kinzin team spent the better part of their Friday evening at Launch Party Vancouver 03, showing off the application These Are My Kids. If you haven’t read or heard what this latest app is all about, please read more here.

It was a fantastic evening, to say the least. Michael, Frank, Julie and Paul held court all night to the many new fans wanting to find out more, take a look at the interface and have a spin for themselves. We are extremely grateful for the interest and enthusiasm for These Are My Kids from those of you who attended, and we very much appreciate the time that each person gave to learn more about it. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling to have such a great tech community come to such an event and to support the work that is being produced. It was inspiring and exciting.

A quick, but very necessary thank-you to the organizers of LPV: Maura, Danny, Dimitri; and to the sponsors as well: Sun Microsystems, Strutta, Techvibes, Layer7, QC Docs and Growthworks. This event is a treat. Looking forward to the next.

And onto the next…

Monday night, Michael Fergusson will be at the Vancouver Facebook Garage Event at the Vancouver Film School. There may just be a little room left on the event page, so add your name and come check out Vancouver’s newest and hottest Facebook applications. There are amazing things happening in this city, and this event shows off the best of what’s being developed for Facebook, and beyond…

And if you can’t make it out, just follow along on Miss 604’s live blogging rendition, and watch the night unfold before your very own monitor-watching, live-streaming eyes. 🙂

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These Are My Kids Beta

Kinzin’s newest application, “These Are My Kids”, is ready. Almost. The latest app from Kinzin is currently in the Beta phase, soon to make the leap to full launch. The app is quite stunning as-is in every way, in design and technology – it’s easy, efficient, creative, useful, private and fun – but we’d like to perfect it, so we need your help and your feedback.

A Little Bit About The Application “These Are My Kids”:

In a few points, or less, here’s what the app is all about:

  • Resolves all of your photo headaches and problems of multiple publishing networks and accounts – it’s an all-in-one!
  • Easy access to your personal photos by invite only – no sign-ups, no accounts, no hassle for the end user (your defined friends)
  • It’s Private – Only those friends explicitly invited to view your photo books will be able to see your content
  • You’re creating beautiful photographic books of your children’s lives to keep forever (soon to be available to print as well!)
  • Photos and Comments are delivered to all of your loved ones with the greatest ease, inside of outside of Facebook, and even in the mail (coming soon!)

Add “These Are My Kids” here and let us know what you think! You can comment within the application (there is a prompt along the top of the app), or join the Beta Testers Group for the app and comment in the Discussion Board.

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Joyent Accelerator
This week Joyent announced their new Facebook developers program, Joyent Accelerators. Kinzin is well acquainted with Joyent’s infrastructure – it’s what has made the scalability of the “Are You Normal?” Facebook application manageable and successful. The app has jumped to half a million users in a month, has been one of the top apps on the “Recently Popular” Facebook list (more than once), and continues to add tens of thousands new users every day. Joyent’s full case study and more details on the app can be found here.

Joyent Accelerators is “free, fast and scalable hosting”, as quoted by Facebook Senior Platform Manager, Dave Morin.

Joyent has partnered with Facebook and Dell to deliver this sophisticated, scalable, on-demand infrastructure. For developers, it means a quick and efficient launch of Facebook applications that are capable of scaling to millions of users – FOR FREE.

You can read plenty more about this announcement and partnership on a number of our technologist friends’ tech news sites: Read/Write Web, Innovation Creators, Rootly, Social media today, Information Week.

  • Thank-you to Kristie Wells, Mark Mayo and the Joyent Team.
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    Facebook Developer Garage Vancouver Oct 2007

    Last night was all about the app.

    Vancouver, or more recently referred to as “Techcouver”, held its’ first Facebook Developer Garage event downtown at the Vancouver Film School. The event was completely “sold-out” by over double the capacity of the space, so there wasn’t a seat to be had. Once the Nazi-tech guy made his way from the floor back to the booth for the main event to commence, people began to fill the isles and find space wherever they could. It was a packed house.
    Facebook Developer Garage Vancouver Oct 2007

    There were about 9 Facebook applications in all that were on display over the 3 hours. Each developer, or team of developers, grabbed the spotlight for a 10-minute overview of their respective app and covered any technical aspects worth mentioning and sharing, followed by a brief Q and A for each. David Morin, Senior Platform Manager for Facebook (nice title buddy) was meant to be joining us in the flesh for our inaugural evening, but had to cancel 48 hours in advance due to some “big meeting” at HQ. But he was kind enough to take a few minutes out to appear via Skype Video, as he said a few nice words, opened it up to the floor for some questions, when sadly, the connection was lost.
    Facebook Developer Garage Vancouver Oct 2007

    Paul Prescod, ‘DAD’ at Kinzin, shared the “Are You Normal?” app with the crowd. When he gave the current-users statistics (now over 114K in 3 short weeks), there was a gasp as a hush fell over the room. Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But nonetheless, impressive stuff! Johnny Bufu and Boris Mann wrapped the night with a few words on the open web. Facebook? Open??

    There is a complete breakdown of each presentation on the live blog post from Miss 604, and on Roland Tanglao’s Jaiku Channel.

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    Just wrapping week 2 since launch, and “Are You Normal?” is one of the fastest growing Facebook apps cookin’, from this northern hub of “Techcouver”. Recently added is a new, fresh design and more surveys will be added each week.
    Kinzin wants to involve the online community and Facebook users, asking for topic suggestions on the quizzes. Here’s the x-post from the Kinzin Blog and how to submit your ideas:

    Would you like to write for one of the fastest growing Facebook applications?

    We are going to release a new quiz on our “Are You Normal?” application each week, and we’d like to get your brilliant and creatively entertaining input. Here’s the deal:

    • We regularly post topics to Upcoming Topics on our discussion board on our About Page and on the discussion board of the Kinzin Builders group
    • You create the quiz, suggesting questions and answers, being as normal, or not so normal, as you like (or you can suggest topics as well…)
    • We reward you and your creative savvy on our application and LINK to your personal Facebook profile, if that is kosher. If not, just let us know you’d rather remain unlinked.
    • You become part of this great story and community of a fun time well wasted with friends in this Facebook machine of “Are You Normal?”

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    Ok all you weirdos and freaks out there on Facebook – get out there and take the Are You Normal? survey so I can at least seem a *tad* more normal! Please?

    Here’s a cool Facebook Application, just launched today, released to the masses, that you should most certainly add and play with. I’ll tell you why you should:

    • It’s good, clean fun that’s entertaining and all about connecting with those people online you love (and love to poke fun at) the most: your close friends and family.

    I’ve had a really great last several weeks. I’ve been working with the Kinzin team here in Vancouver to help market and promote this application, and you know what? It’s an easy thing to talk positively about because of what is at the heart of this App: a company that truly believes in working towards finding positive ways for families to connect online. This application is a quirky and whacky way of doing just that.

    I had zero to do with building it, designing it, or even conceptualizing it; wish I had. But I do have a thing or two to do with the tail end of tweaking it, looking at what’s down the road, and spreading it out to the masses… and this is part of that.

    Sign Up! Add the App! Add your friends! Let the quibbling begin!

    And please, if you run into *ANY* issues, bugs, concerns: feedback is very much appreciated and welcomed anytime!!

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