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The PanelLast night I sat on a panel for an event organized by New Media BC, in conjunction with Wired Woman and Bell Canada, and was fortunate enough to have 3 brilliant and successful women in the digital media sector in Vancouver sitting next to me: Emma Payne from At Large Media, Kiana Mohseni from EA and Jennifer Ouano of Elastic Entertainment.

We were brought together to speak to a room of about 30, mostly women, and share our professional experiences, our successes and challenges, the trends we’ve observed and to discuss ways in which the technology sector could become more attractive and less of an intimidating space for women.

All of the attendendees participated and generated some good convo, ideas, and inspiration. It was nice to connect with people who’ve “gone before”, who have experienced a ton to share with those who would like to jump into technology and into being a cool geeky woman in technology!

Find out more about these types of professional events through the New Media BC events page and Wired Woman.


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Happy Birthday Blog

You Are One Today!!

I started my blog one year ago…. since then, well, I’ve enjoyed the blog. I like writing, always have. It has led me to write on a few other sites as well, and I continue to pursue writing for the web. I find writing on this blog cathartic. Yes, it is my online journal, and it truly is just a bunch of my jargon, but this was the beginnings of my online networks, communities and connections, and I can’t say enough about how wonderful this aspect of ‘my life online’ has been, especially when you get those random, sweet comments from around the world, like this one.

I just left my position at Raincity a week ago, and am in the process of molding, shaping, building a whole new site (oh, and business) for myself that will encompass all aspects of what I do: designing, writing, photography, hosting, blogging… all coming soon to a megan portal near you!

But for now, this simple, unchanged and unedited (sometimes neglected!) WordPress blog of which I have grown fond over this past year, will remain my place of jargon for the time being.

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