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If you’re not already.

This week in Vancouver, er, Techcouver, is pretty jam-packed. All great stuff, some of which is already happening as I type. (As I relish in the only “free” time this the week (NOT complaining), with my wine, meat and our Canucks.)

Get your stamina and come out to each and all and support this unbelievable tech town. Or, you can read about them. At least pick one of the freebies! And if that’s not enough, there is PLENTY more up and coming in the weeks and months to follow…

  • Third Tuesday Vancouver – doh! you missed it. Check in for next month – always valuable
  • QuickLearn, also happening right now, but you’ll hear more about this, and so you should!
  • CaseCamp at the new lamplighter: Cinci from EATcomm has given new life to this marketing beast
  • Northern Voice Opening Party! – deserves it’s own bullet point
  • MooseCamp: step one on NV
  • Northern Voice: in its’ 4th year and sold out for the 4th consecutive! Don’t miss it, online, if that’s all you’ve got.

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