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Not to knock any of the content, speakers, sessions, people I met, old friends I enjoyed seeing again, but I just have to say: thank-you VIDFEST for coming back to Granville Island this year. It’s one of the reasons why I think this conference is *extra* special. That, and the lack of the ocean of glowing blue bodies in the crowd from laptop monitor blasts and yes, more WOMEN! Fellas, wasn’t that nice? Lots of lovely ladies at VIDFEST. It’s a nice switch from the usual 10 to 20 per cent of the crowd that’s wearing a bra (or so I assume).

Best quote: “There are more people online than there are people in the world.” Grant McCracken (excellent name, btw)
Most shocking note: OMG – Impact Research spent what?! $150 THOUSAND dollars on a Facebook application campaign and got a mere 7,000 installs. Did I hear that right? Ouch.
Most enjoyable: The locale, the sun and the zu crew, what little there was for visiting hours.
Best new experience: Listening to Chris Anderson while watching him move around the stage in that slick, black suit.

I do have to duck out of VIDFEST early this year – the festival is still happening as I write. But I have a Slumber Queen to catch and a 3-day music festival that is rivaled by very little. Sorry VIDFEST, Michael Stipe and The Cure win this time around.

Follow the rounds of the festival over the last few days on twemes to get a snippet of all that shook down.

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I am quite certain there will be a decent amount of coverage on this year’s VIDFEST across the various channels.

Starting with the mobile, check out cellmap for mapping out your whereabouts and getting VIDFEST right onto your cell.

Moving into the internets (slash mobile to some extent), you can keep up with various bloggers and writers on the VIDFEST blog, or you’ll likely find VIDFEST coverage here here here here and here here here, and no doubt many others.

If you’re Twittering, don’t forget the tweme hash mark like so “#vidfest” for your fellow tweeters tweeting to follow and, uhm, tweet back? (what exactly is the correct cyber name for these bloody things? I stopped paying attention to all of the cute online naming conventions.)

I think you can still register… perhaps – even if it is just for one day or feature.

Enjoy the show!

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centre for digital media“Help me help you.”

Bridging Media is a new event that Erica Hargreave and I are organizing for March 29th, 2008.

To register, please visit the Bridging Media event page – we have a limited space for numbers, so head on over there and stick your name up.

What is Bridging Media?

In a nutshell, over the past 6 months, Erica and I, along with Kris Krug and Boris Mann, have had numerous conversations and brainstorming sessions around the continuing disconnect and gap between the broadcast and digital media worlds. This is an area in which Achilles Media has been involved for a number of years, as nextMEDIA has had huge success in Banff and is the sister conference to the Banff TV Festival. So we reached out to Mark Greenspan at Achilles and he was more than happy to get behind this event here in Vancouver as a “friend of the event”. Mark also suggested we use this event as a platform to help shape ideas and Banff’s pitching competitions – he’s absolutely right.

The Centre For Digital Media has also come on board as a major sponsor as the host of the event. They have graciously offered their amazing space “The Hanger” to house our inaugural event.

We’ve just begun the plight to take this idea and make it into a bit of a beast (we hope). So far we have had a pretty tremendous and supportive response. We are on the hunt for sponsorships, will be shaping and finalizing the speakers list over the coming weeks – and we always welcome more people-power – Gregg Scott just stepped up to create our logo – thank-you Greg!

Sign up for Bridging Media now!

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For those of you that have superfantastic projects under your belt and have not yet submitted to Popvox, get on it! It’s free to submit, you could be adorned with the title “International Award-Winning Firm” – wow! – the morale of your award winning team goes shooting through the roof and you crank out even more superfantastic award-winning projects, you win prizes (always fun) and you will be written about on The Bombshell – WOW!

What: The PopVox First Annual Awards at VIDFEST, winners announced at the opening gala of the 2007 Vancouver International Digital Festival
Who: Anyone who lives on planet Earth, with any project created between Sept 2006 and Sept 2007
Another What: Categories are the following:

  • Best Web 2.0 App
  • Best Mobile Game
  • Best Digital Animation Short
  • Best Digital VFX
  • Best Game
  • Best Music Score
  • Homegrown: The Best of BC

Find more details and SUBMIT NOW! Submissions close Friday, Sept. 7th.

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Sessions for nextMEDIA in Banff took place over the course of 2 full days at the Banff Springs Hotel. For a complete look at the schedule, check here.
The following are my notes, roughly jotted as things rolled along, on a few of the sessions:

nextMEDIA 2007

Keynote: Joanne Drake Earl, Current TV

Current is a global television network that gives you, the user, the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV – citizen journalism participatory news.

  • It’s hard to make money on the internet (ain’t that the truth)
  • Current TV have a strong online business based on their TV presence – their TV success has fueled and funded their experiments online
  • Current TV have asked themselves how to infuse their programming with user generated content and achieve participation on every level for their entire audience
  • Two days after the New Orleans catastrophe, Current TV provided coverage before any national networks were on the scene
  • Lessons learned: have a participation model, give content providers incentive up front, producers need direction
  • Social media can be a healthy business
  • Engage with a very active audience – safe, legal, high quality
  • Sponsors want to engage and they can organically with their target audience of male 18-34 years, the early adopters and influencers – this audience helps them create and produce quality content that the sponsors will want to purchase
  • They Want Your Content!!

Research Report: New Media Business Exploration Study
Earlier this year, the Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Association engaged Kisquared to undertake a landmark study of the new media business model. Vaughn Smith took a look at 5 new media companies in Canada, his take simply being: “I am a small new media company, looking for money”. Here are a few of his thoughts:
(note: He stated that it was extremely difficult to reach companies who were willing to participate in the research)

  • Online distribution has changed marketing, sales and distribution models
  • When these small companies open their doors for business, they have a limited or zero knowledge about the funding that is available
  • There is a communication breakdown between new media companies and the funding associations
  • 79% are unaware of private funding
  • 38% new media companies have invalid URLs, outdated info, tough to navigate
  • 56% projects are cancelled over the last year due to lack of funding
  • There must be an improvement on the visibility of the government and private sectors that are currently engaged in new media funding
  • Companies should actively pursue reasearch and development funding
  • We need to bridge educational and new media associations

nextMEDIA 2007

The Complexity of Interactive Production, Producing and Profiting From Digital Content in Canada and Abroad
Matthew Hornburg, marblemedia
Charles Zamaria, Bell Fund, Ryerson
David U.K., heavy.com
Sabrina Geremia, Google Canada
Moderator: Michael Kasprow, Trapeze Media

  • To grow your audience online, the first step is to find your audience, get your eyeballs
  • Monetize the opportunity
  • Canada is blessed with having the most progressive broadcasters in the world (a rebuttal to this point was that our broadcasters are not near as aggressive as they could be and that we are far behind)
  • It’s important to not be too precious about the protection of your brand online
  • The user will play with your brand to a certain extent – be prepared for this. This is not a bad thing, as, ideally, it’s about developing a brand. The more a brand is out there, the better.
  • A great example of one of the most successful models to date is marblemedia: they hold the rights to their content, they have the opportunity to exploit the digital and TV realms
  • Fact: The Bell Fund cannot provide funding to a digital project unless it has a TV base – how can we change this? LOBBY THE CRTC TO CHANGE
  • Is TV dying? There is a weakening, but if anything, the internet moving into the living room is driving and inspiring people to go back to TV (hmmmm…?)
  • TV is supplemented by other mediums (internet) – TV is shifting, transforming, evolving
  • There is one problem: there is not enough content online for the appetite… (yet)

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Massive Technology Show 2007I attended The Massive Tech Show this week at Canada Place in Vancouver, where local businesses can explore technology through the various scheduled events at the interactive exhibits and daylong flurry of presentations. It’s a great event where participants can take advantage of the networking opportunities from the businesses involved and the many sponsors in attendance.

There was a tremendous line-up of speakers and keynotes at the conference: Leonard Brody of NowPublic fame, and Kerry Munro, Yahoo! Canada GM, to name a mere two. I was lucky enough to stumble into Captain Ajax himself, in the flesh, upon arrival (many thanks for the ticket!) and sat in on his Blogging For Business presentation. It was excellent – to the point, concise and informative for those people looking to the blogosphere for community outreach but not sure how and what and why it’s important to their business. Andre covered all the bases. Check out some of my flickr photos taken during his presentation, and find his slideshow on his session over at his blog.

I once again enjoyed my small stint of being a Bryght girl, while I briefly relieved Roland of his booth duties so he could grab a quick bite. And then I was relieved shortly after when Scales arrived – I think together we made a quick sale or two!!

As always at these types of events, I met some good people, and it provided the chance to catch up with the old. I’d recommend it to anyone in Vancouver (or use it as your excuse to get here for a day or two!). The sessions and speakers are good people to meet and learn from, but if for nothing else, head there just to wander the floor of the exhibits – lots to see, lots to do, plenty to take in.

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I was honoured to be asked to participate in The Pacific Festival of the Book in Victoria this past week-end, and to conduct an afternoon workshop on publishing work online in an introduction to social media.

MediaNet asked me to visit Victoria to give a presentation at the festival, and to hold a workshop afterwards with the members of MediaNet, highlighting some useful online tools that independent filmmakers can use to promote their work and grow their online community and presence.

The presentation was really well received, and I know this fine fact from the number of excited participants expressing their sincere thanks and gratitude to my time, effort, knowledge and energy. To be perfectly honest, the energy and time given to sharing what I have learned and know is the fun part. It wasn’t that long ago when I was in their shoes and very new to the material, so I know when certain things are over some heads, recognizing and relating to the blank stares and glazed-over eyes. I’m happy to be able to talk to people who know very little about the power and use of the internet and introduce them to the space. And mostly, this is easy and enjoyable because I love it. A-ha! And therein lies the answer!

Thanks to Peter at MediaNet, Passia Pandora (check out her new blog!), Scott Amos, all the participants in the afternoon workshop – I look forward to your high-powered blogs!, Pattie Lacroix, Izzie Egan (once again, your story drove home such an important point for paper-driven businesses!!), Krug (we checked out your flickr during the presentation and talked about your professional photography in relation to your CopyCamp copyright story on the London pics!), and last but not least, Kelly and Meisha.

Victoria + internet jargon = good times all around!

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Saskatoon River TrailI just got back from sunny Saskatoon (sunniest city in Canada: fact.) and let me just say that this “Paris of the Prairies” town of 200,000, in a province that’s 700,000 square km., has a lot happening and much to offer. Talk to anyone from there, and this, they have always known. It’s time for the rest of us to have a peek and take some notice.

This year marked the second annual Saskatchewan Interactive conference, organized and funded predominently by local businesses. The focus this year was “well beyond websites”, with a great blend of interactive gaming, mobile, and social media content. The conference started out with a dinner on the first evening for the speakers introduction, and then continued for HOURS, with all of us meeting, mingling and competing in front of several massive projector screens, where we could each have a go at Wii, Super Mario Brothers and even Pong!

I was invited to speak this year on an introduction to social media, web 2.0 and citizen journalism. The sessions were recorded and the organizing committee has a copy of each speaker’s presentation, so hopefully I can point to that very soon once they get it up on the official site.

It was an inspiring place to be. There were some great people involved: Keynote John Lester from Linden Lab, who brought us all into Second Life, a second Keynote, Mike Parkhill, Director of Education at Microsoft Canada, Ian Verchere, CCO of Vancouver’s Shift Control Media, Daivd Voigt from Mobile Muse, who talked to us about mobile culture and content, Roland Tanglao from Bryght gave his infamous EverythingCasting presentation, among many other educators, innovators and technologists from all over North America. Check the speakers page for a full run-down.

The buzz and energy has already begun in looking forward to next year’s conference, which, if this year was any indication, promises to be nothing short of fantastic.

I want to thank some people here: Barbara Rackham and Deborah Black of DBlack Communications and Ryan Lejbak from zu.com all played a key role in getting this conference up and off the ground, and their hard work was evident. It was great to have Roland from Bryght with his expert and veteran insight, and to show a newbie to the Toon around town. Thanks as well to Izzie Egan, Kris Krug, Robert Scoble, Raincity, Dave Olson and Marion Ryan – all of you had a hand in shaping my presentation, whether you know it or not, so thank-you!

And to all of those crazy cats from zu, an old home of mine and one that I miss, it was a treat to hang out again.

I hope to see you soon Saskatoon!

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Tomorrow I am off to Saskatoon, and I can’t WAIT!

I am speaking at the Saskatchewan Interactive conference, which is pretty damn exciting, and I hope to share some useful knowledge and insight with the participants in attendance. I will be speaking about social media and user-generated content, in general: what is it? how do you tap it? what do you tap? what has it done? what can it do?…..

There seems to be a bit of disconnect across Canada. Go figure. But I’ve been, and spoken with people, from coast to coast over the past few months, and it’s interesting to discover that not very many people understand, or even know, what Web 2.0 is? I’m generalizing, yes, but while the tech folks in Vancouver and Toronto are trying to find and use another term for it all, because this one has been around for soooo loooong, there is a vast amount of Canadians who might like to hear a little about this stuff. At least hear it, try to grasp it and maybe even use it, and then decide if they like it, or can see the power of it. I hope to be a small part of the discovery for some of these people because it wasn’t too long ago that I was one of them.

I think the conference will be fantastic – check out what’s laid out for us all in the schedule.

On to a slightly more exciting aspect: I am going back to a town where I lived and loved living in for 2 years. I always maintain that Saskatchewan is one of those hidden gems of Canada, kinda like Newfoundland, and they’d like to sort of, maybe, keep it that way to a certain degree, kinda like Newfoundlanders. (psst! It really is a dry cold that isn’t so bad, and killer mosquitoes don’t really exist!)

I am most excited to see old friends and the folks at zu.com – they were an intricate part of why I loved living in The Toon, and I am happy to reacquaint with some stellar, lovely, genuine, salt of the earth people.

Can’t wait to hit The Yard!

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