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Tomorrow I am off to Saskatoon, and I can’t WAIT!

I am speaking at the Saskatchewan Interactive conference, which is pretty damn exciting, and I hope to share some useful knowledge and insight with the participants in attendance. I will be speaking about social media and user-generated content, in general: what is it? how do you tap it? what do you tap? what has it done? what can it do?…..

There seems to be a bit of disconnect across Canada. Go figure. But I’ve been, and spoken with people, from coast to coast over the past few months, and it’s interesting to discover that not very many people understand, or even know, what Web 2.0 is? I’m generalizing, yes, but while the tech folks in Vancouver and Toronto are trying to find and use another term for it all, because this one has been around for soooo loooong, there is a vast amount of Canadians who might like to hear a little about this stuff. At least hear it, try to grasp it and maybe even use it, and then decide if they like it, or can see the power of it. I hope to be a small part of the discovery for some of these people because it wasn’t too long ago that I was one of them.

I think the conference will be fantastic – check out what’s laid out for us all in the schedule.

On to a slightly more exciting aspect: I am going back to a town where I lived and loved living in for 2 years. I always maintain that Saskatchewan is one of those hidden gems of Canada, kinda like Newfoundland, and they’d like to sort of, maybe, keep it that way to a certain degree, kinda like Newfoundlanders. (psst! It really is a dry cold that isn’t so bad, and killer mosquitoes don’t really exist!)

I am most excited to see old friends and the folks at zu.com – they were an intricate part of why I loved living in The Toon, and I am happy to reacquaint with some stellar, lovely, genuine, salt of the earth people.

Can’t wait to hit The Yard!


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Me on the top of the fold!

I am most excited about this so my dad can see that I am actually doing things out here in Vancouver – top of the fold Pappy!

NowPublic is a participatory crowdsourcing news organization that is based here in Vancouver. I like writing for this news network, believe in their goals, and think it’s pretty damn cool I ended up in the British Columbia section of today’s Globe and Mail because of my contribution.

Read the article here.

Find out more about NowPublic and join the masses.

If you’re in BC, there happens to be a photo that goes along with this article where I managed to get my dog Capo another step closer to being the most photographed dog on the planet!

After thought: For those of you that DO see that photo in person, the caption reads, “a place that gave me a voice”. I think that quote serves a great purpose for one of the postive aspects of NowPublic, but that doesn’t really sound like something I would say, plus, I *think* I’ve had a voice for about 30 years or so. I know that I DID in fact say, “the public wants a voice”. Alas, it’s a great article, and pretty swell to be top of the fold with my dog 🙂

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