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Relatively new to the blogosphere, but kind of an old hat in the art world (and fairly well schooled thus far as well!), Beyond Robson has just discovered the increasingly famous Izzie Egan and featured the gallery manager of the Monte Clark Gallery in this week’s installation of Cityphile!

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Let’s face it: reading a blog has now become a bit of an archaic activity. With our online news sources, blog feeds and Google searches, there’s no time to really read and absorb all we would like to online, just as it goes when you have, or had, 30 minutes in a morning to read the 5 sections of the morning newspaper. It’s all about the scan.

But this blog, you should read. Spend some time with it. It is written by the gallery manager of the Monte Clark Gallery, Izzie Egan. I met Izzie last year, and she has since become one of my dear friends. So, as bias as this post may seem, I truly mean it – I love her blog. And it’s only 2 months old! Izzie comes from an art background, having acquired her Masters Graduate from the infamous and prestigious Sotheby’s in London. In a nutshell, she has a lot to offer and recognizes how the internet is changing the traditional art world. The blog is jam-packed with art knowledge, inspiration and recommendations, with a little travel advice to boot: a treat.

Izzie is also the founder of the Contemporary Collectors Club. Currently, participation is by invite only, but you can read all about it here, and discover how you can get involved.

From a somewhat rookie blogger to another – bravo to a unique and fabulous newbie to the blogosphere!

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