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This year, VIDFEST has been moved from the traditional time slot of mid June, to late September – a strategic move to perhaps free up more summer time for all of those other conferences, and to place the festival leading into the Vancouver International Film Festival, which runs at the end of September and into October.

There are some “in-house” writers contributing regularly on VIDBLOG, but every so often you may see a guest appearance by bloggers, technologists and other industry folks, blogging about anything under the sun. Well, within the realm of technology, the internet, gaming – all things digital media, we’ll say.

VIDFEST is a world premiere event that is organized by New Media BC every year and sponsored and attended by people in the technology sector from around the world.

You can find out what is on the slate for the festival in 2007 on the schedule, and you can also register online (tickets on sale starting in JULY).


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Day one of nextMEDIA conference here in Banff ended yesterday with a pitch session to Telefilm Canada where 4 digital media gurus took to the stage to sell their brilliant ideas to the funders of this nation… and I am currently sitting in the lunch room at the Banff Springs Hotel where the lovely Amber MacArthur has just announced the winner:

Fem TV!!

What’s the prize? A whooping 10 G’s!! And their winning project will be produced… go check it out.

Come to Banff for a brief moment and watch Krug’s recording of the magic moment LIVE!

(photo by: kk)

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CNMA 2007 Our RideI arrived this morning into Toronto just after 6am (wow, red eyes are certainly to be desired), grabbed an easy cab ride into town, checked into a posh, comfortable hotel next to Massey Hall in the midst of all the Young Street action in the downtown core, and found light jazz wooing me into the room from the corner, crisp, white bed sheets turned down, enough space to cleanly execute a cartwheel across the floor and wifi! Exhausted from my fabulous flight, I slept, out like a light.

Good start.

Enough of the fluffy stuff – here’s where the ‘what’s happening here is important’ bit is best illustrated. This afternoon, all of the finalists of this year’s CNMA gathered at the Canadian Film Centre for a BBQ. This welcoming afternoon provided an informal time for the finalists to get to know one another. Adam Froman and Ana Sorreno both had a few casual, friendly, welcoming words to say. But what they said is the good part: this award show is 100% about celebrating great Canadian work. What more can you ask for? Especially when it’s coming from a group of leaders who throw this together and pull off 2 full days for the finalists, and it’s all stemming from a passion for recognizing work in digital media in this country.

Ana Serrano travels around the world, most recently having just returned home from Cannes, and she made a point emphasizing the fact that the world is watching Canada and the amount of fantastic work coming out of our country – the CNMA show is one example of highlighting Canadian talent. Why not embrace this?

I know that award shows are the most likely target (and easy) for slagging and negativity in any industry, but what is being celebrated here in Toronto this week is fantastic for the industry. I’d love to see the many talented people in technology in this country play a role and get involved in the event. What I see as an important element to this celebration continuing to being successful is to write, blog, talk about, advertise, whatever what’s going on across the board in digital media in the country – to do just that, we all need to support the cause and write about what we’re all doing! Our culture does not celebrate our own near enough.

(And as an FYI: the people organizing are not adverse to this show hittin’ the road, in fact, they encourage it moving across the country to another city – anyone up for the challenge?)

After Monday night’s show, there will be plenty of footage, interviews and wrap info on the last 24 hours on the CNMA blog – this is one place where the conversations can continue about who is making waves and which people and companies are paving the way in technology and digital media in Canada on the world’s stage.

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The PanelLast night I sat on a panel for an event organized by New Media BC, in conjunction with Wired Woman and Bell Canada, and was fortunate enough to have 3 brilliant and successful women in the digital media sector in Vancouver sitting next to me: Emma Payne from At Large Media, Kiana Mohseni from EA and Jennifer Ouano of Elastic Entertainment.

We were brought together to speak to a room of about 30, mostly women, and share our professional experiences, our successes and challenges, the trends we’ve observed and to discuss ways in which the technology sector could become more attractive and less of an intimidating space for women.

All of the attendendees participated and generated some good convo, ideas, and inspiration. It was nice to connect with people who’ve “gone before”, who have experienced a ton to share with those who would like to jump into technology and into being a cool geeky woman in technology!

Find out more about these types of professional events through the New Media BC events page and Wired Woman.

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