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I love ReadWriteWeb. And Facebook I quite enjoy. I’d be a fool not to.

This week, one of my favourite techy resources is sharing all that is Facebook: the good, the bad and the ugly in what they are calling Facebook Week. So if you’ve been hard-pressed to just keep up with this mainstream social network and its’ rapid evolution to stardom, follow along with MacManus and his team of writers this week you will very likely get all you need to know (and more) on what is perhaps the most fascinating web company of 2007.


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Hockey Night In Canada’s Scott Oake had the pleasure of chillin’ with a one Snoop Dogg at the Honda Center in the Anaheim-Ottawa game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, 2007. Classic.

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The inaugural DemoCamp Vancouver is set to go Thursday evening, May 24th at WorkSpace in Gastown.

What the hell is a demo camp, you ask?

In a nutshell, it’s a rapid fire show and tell. It’s a gathering of professionals, roughly over a 2 hour period, where a whole slew of folks from different industries, sectors, businesses from around the city get together and showcase an idea, thing, project, web app, toy, art, invention, whatever, to the rest of us. It could encompass anything from a project you are working on or launching, to a mere great idea sketched out on a napkin. Those presenting will have the floor for all of 6 mintues to do so, no more, no less (that 6 minutes will be allocated to 3 minutes of presenting, 3 minutes of open floor discussions, then on to the next!)
It’s meant to be organic. It’s meant to be grass roots, analogue, no bells or whistles, and most certainly, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend – it’s FREE!

Check out our Facebook page and join the group in the fine fashion of Facebook style that we all know and love.

SIGN UP HERE ON THE WIKI! (You should go to this page and add your name to the list of participants at the bottom.)

Those of you happily using Upcoming.org, sign up there as well.

We hope to see you there – it should be an eventful evening, and you’ll be making history by being a part of the official, long-awaited, first ever Vancouver DemoCamp. It has grand potential to be inspirational, perhaps somewhat geeky (always in a great way), and most definitely uber cool.

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Malajube, YouSayParty!WeSayDie!, DJ Champion at Richards on Richards, Exclaim's Spring Fling TourPhew… after a fun 7-episode roll-the-dice-have-fun first season, we’ve just posted our eighth episode, first one of this “season 2” – with Vancouver band You Say Party! We Say Die! – HOT!.


And if you have not subscribed to TCR, you really should… we’ve got 5 episodes in the bag and will be posting new shows every 2-3 weeks from now throughout the summer, covering festivals like the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, New Music West and Wakefest… and we’re always looking for support and sponsorship too!

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Me and Capo Bloggin At the Yahoo! Canada TentOr just check your emails…. stop by the Yahoo! purple tent that can’t be missed near the main stage at the base in the village, hop on any number of computers and blog your days and events of this year’s festival.

BUT! Here’s the best part: If you upload your videos here via Yahoo! Canada’s Video Channel, you enter to win a Sony Walkman video mp3 player, courtesy of Sony and the TWSSF! Check out Yahoo!’s video channels for the Xtreme Video uploads and the Daily Highlights.

The Yahoo! gang here are super friendly, my is dog even hanging out as the Yahoo! mascot for the day and it’s the perfect place to chill out and listen to the live music as well. Oh, and there’s free gum too!

Come visit and upload!

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Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival 2007 - Main StageI am happily and comfortably seated (with Capo at my feet, of course) in the infamous Yahoo! Canada purple tent at the base of the gondola in the main village in Whistler… my legs are tired, my feet ache slightly and I have a fraction of a tan from the blue bird skies of the last few brilliant days on the hills.

Today is Day 9 of the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival where thousands have descended upon this dreamy mountain resort to take in the show: live music, big air competitions, contests like guys sitting in cars for the duration of the festival (to win big), fashion, art, and hey, there’s still plenty of skiing and boarding to be had this season!

Check out what’s been filmed and uploaded on Yahoo! Canada’s Video Channel.

On the lineup for the next 2 days are some big bands FREE on the main Telus stage in the village: Roz Bell (grrreat T-dot band of goodness), Robertson, The Beautiful Girls, BC’s own Hayley Sales and Slackstring.

Yahoo! Canada's Clive Hobson Workin' It with the Video Paparazzi
Saturday night is the grand Yahoo! Big Air Party at the GLC, over-looking for greatest draw to the festival – the show is spectacular.

And the weather! Could not be more perfect, which makes it all that much sweeter!

Photo: Clive Hobson of Yahoo! Canada interviewed by Brent Stafford of Shaky Egg Communications Inc.

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My Blog Post Featured Today In Yahoo! Canada News on

My first post

from the

Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival

is featured on

Yahoo! Canada’s site



“In Depth/Xtreme/Daily Highlights”.

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