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Yoga For Geeks
I decided to do this Yoga Challenge thing. I bought a pass at Semperviva last fall for 3 months and really enjoyed my (mostly) daily practice (Cameron rocks). I signed up to be on their mailing list. I don’t particularly like mailing lists and avoid them at all costs, but I figured getting a peaceful reminder of what yoga has to offer me this month is a lovely item to have in my inbox every so often. I got one of their notes last week about a 40-day yoga challenge and I thought I could use a bit of that. I’m on day six and so far, so good. My body hasn’t magically transformed, not even a pinch, but I feel absolutely fantastic.

I enjoy Yoga. I used to do more of it and have found myself wishing as of late that I did more of it – isn’t that always the way with the practices and exercises we all know will make us feel better in the end? That’s one reason for starting this Challenge thing: I want to do more. Or is it: I need more structure?

I lived in LA 10 years ago for just shy of a year and practiced yoga almost every day (you kind of have to in order to survive that town). That was when I realized that taking an hour out each day is a really good thing. Then running became my daily meditation, and still is on some days. I am one of those people who loves running. The amazing shot of endorphins is one reason, getting in great shape is another, setting a goal and reaching it to run a marathon is another. But more than anything I think it is the structure I crave. It definitely feels good to have a daily physical regime. I think it’s important to take time out, even though I don’t do it nearly enough and I am guessing not a lot of people do. If you all do, please tell me your rhyme or reason in how you do it and how you keep up! It’s not enough for me to just say, “I’m going to exercise every day this week”. I need a goal and I need some form of routine and structure to get me there.

Hence the 40 days I suppose. It kind of feels strangely religious, the whole 40 day thing. I guess that’s not a bad thing considering Yoga comes from a very spiritual place on the Globe and “place” in general and it’s the most spiritual practice I’ve experienced. (Sorry mum, those Sundays in a church pew for my entire youth just didn’t cut it.)

Best part about this challenge: it’s ONLINE! These beautifully-sculpted lovely ladies give you a zen hour online – from grassy meadows, flowing rivers and mountain vistas in Wyoming. I enjoy yoga studios like the next gal, but I am really enjoying the online yoga at home. It equals structure for me and I guess that’s part of it too.

So now that I am challenging myself (as are two of my pals: Go Kel! Go Glen!), the challenge is out there to anyone and everyone. One hour a day, at your pace, in your own time, online, all for you.

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